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Deadwood, F*** Yeah!

Deadwood, F*** Yeah!

With its colorful characters and even more colorful language, the short-lived HBO series "Deadwood" has a small but dedicated fan base. The show was canceled way before its time after just a 36-episode run. Depicting a heavily fictionalized version of life in the very real frontier encampment of Deadwood, South Dakota, "Deadwood" was bloody-good fun. And ever since we said goodbye to Swearengen, Bullock and the rest, fans like me have been taunted several times with rumors of a TV movie revisiting our beloved show. But this time, it actually looks as though it may happen, as HBO executives are now apparently looking to start shooting the movie in 2018. Let's raise our shotglasses and dust off our best four-letter words!

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After my third (or fourth) binge-watch of the series, I spent way too long diving down the internet research rabbit hole. Turns out, many of the main characters were based on actual people who lived in the Deadwood camp over the years, and some events depicted in the show, like the murder of frontier hero Wild Bill Hickok, were based on real events that happened in Deadwood. So which of characters were based on real people, and who survived to the end of the series? This poster explores that very question.

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I created these mini-graphics to help promote the poster and infographic I created to celebrate my favorite characters from the show, some of them based on actual people. 

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This web infographic tells the story of some of the main characters of HBO's "Deadwood," including which of them survived to the end of the series and who among them were based on real-life individuals who spent time in the South Dakota town.